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Assessment of Cardiovascular Risk

The FNIH is launching a new project within the Biomarkers Consortium to determine whether liquid biopsies can be used as biomarkers for diagnosing and monitoring metastatic colorectal cancer.

Assessment of Cardiovascular Risk

The FNIH has launched a 4-year project to transform our ability to characterize risk for developing cardiovascular disease.

Lilly Safra

The FNIH is honored to announce that Mrs. Lily Safra has generously donated more than $675,000 to continue her ongoing support of advancing biomedical research and caring for NIH patients and their families.


Register for the upcoming Connectome Celebration

Learn more about the Baby Connectome project at the Connectome Celebration on June 20 at the NIH Porter Building.

Eliminate Dengue Program

The Eliminate Dengue program is ramping up after discovering that the presence of Wolbachia bacteria in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes inhibits replication of the Zika virus.

Dr. Maria Freire Appears on PBS’ The Open Mind with Alexander Heffner

The FNIH President and Executive Director, Dr. Maria Freire, speaks about the transformative nature of biomedical research.

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