Paul L. Herrling, Ph.D.

Dr. Paul HerrlingIn addition to serving as Chairman of the Novartis Institute for Tropical Diseases. Dr. Herrling is also a professor of Drug Discovery at the University of Basel, Switzerland.

“Paul’s expertise with tropical infectious diseases will be vital to us as we continue our relationship with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and on other global health initiatives,” according to Charles A. Sanders, MD, FNIH chairman. “Bettering global health is a priority for the FNIH.” 

Prior to his current position, Herrling was head of both Novartis Institutes for Developing World Medical Research supervising four institutes. In addition to the FNIH, he serves on boards of The Scripps Research Institute, University Council of the University of Basel, Scientific Advisory Committee of the Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative, and is Vice President of the Board of Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology.

“Paul’s strong global network and deep understanding of neglected diseases will make him an invaluable board member,” according to Kathy Bloomgarden, FNIH board member. “He’s dedicated himself to advance biomedical research and provided innovative thinking to the access to medicines debate. He will be an asset in helping to overcome some of the most challenging and integral health issues of today.”

“I look forward to serving on the board of the FNIH,” says Herrling. “A long-term endeavor is to advance medical research in tropical infectious diseases, which historically has received little drug research funding. I am eager to bring my expertise in pharmaceutical drug discovery research to the FNIH and help address some of the challenges in medicines for patients across the globe.”

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