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The following is a summary and may not fully account for particular details of a given benefit. Benefits are subject to change.

Health & Wellness

Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance
The FNIH partners with Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences (FAES) to provide high-quality insurance for our employees. Includes prescription, glasses, and contact lens coverage.  100% paid by FNIH for individual, $275/month for family coverage

Flexible Savings Account (FSA)
A reimbursement account, which allows participants to allocate part of their salary, on a pretax basis, to cover unreimbursed medical expenses.

Employee Assistance Program
Free confidential assistance program available for employees and their families to identify and assist them in resolving personal problems to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Includes consultative services, work/life assistance and resources, and legal/financial assistance and resources.

Parental Leave
FNIH recognizes the value of employees taking time away from work for the birth of their child, or to care for or bond with a newborn baby or a child recently placed through adoption or foster care. While certain state programs and third-party insurance plans may provide partial wage replacement options for qualifying employees, FNIH also recognizes that employees who must go without even a portion of their income while on leave would carry an avoidable burden during important family time. Accordingly, the Foundation offers its own paid leave benefit whereby employees, in lieu of receiving publicly administered family/medical leave benefits and/or insurer-provided short-term disability benefits, may opt to receive from FNIH 100% of their regular wages and benefits for up to 8 workweeks while they are on leave for certain qualifying reasons.

Wellness & Lactation Room
The FNIH has an on-site wellness room with a dedicated refrigerator for medical use and for nursing parents to store breastmilk. This private space can also be used for quiet meditation.

Short-Term Disability
Benefits cover 90% of weekly earnings with a maximum weekly benefit of $3,000. Elimination Period: 0 days due to injury/7 days for illness. Benefits last up to 13 weeks.

Long-Term Disability
FNIH contributes 100% premium to employee salary. Employee pays the premium from payroll. Benefits cover 60% of your monthly earnings to a maximum of $10,000 a month and are tax-free. Eligibility Period: 90 days after disability. Duration: Varies.

Life Insurance/ Group Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
100% paid by FNIH – 1 times annual earnings rounded to the next higher $1,000 with a maximum benefit of $250,000 and a minimum benefit of $100,000.


The FNIH offers a generous 403(b) plan with TIAA.  FNIH contributes at a 2:1 match if employee contributes a minimum of 2%. The match is capped at 8%. For instance, if an employee contributes 3%, the FNIH matches at 6%; 4% or higher, 8%. The plan has immediate 100% vesting.

Vacation, Time Off & Miscellaneous

Annual Leave
Annual leave, also called “vacation” leave, is accrued by all full-time employees.  The maximum carry-over from one calendar year to the next is 240 hours, and the maximum payout at separation is 240 hours.  Annual leave accrues on the following schedule:

  • Full-time employees: 0-3 years with the Foundation – 13 days accrued per year.
  • Full-time employees: 3-10 years with the Foundation – 19.5 days accrued per year.
  • Full-time employees: 10 or more years with the Foundation – 26 days accrued per year.

Personal Leave
Full-time employees: 3 days available each calendar year.
Personal leave cannot carry over into the next calendar year.
Personal leave is not paid out at separation.

Sick Leave
Full-time employees: 10 days accrued per year.
Maximum carry-over into the next calendar year is 240 hours.
Sick leave is not paid out at separation.

Paid Holidays
Full-time employees: 12 days each calendar year.

Jury Duty Leave
Full-time employees – as required with documentation.

Community Service Leave
Full-time employees: up to 2 days per year to participate in community service.

Bereavement Leave
Full-time employees: A full-time employee may take up to five (5) days of bereavement leave upon the death of a family member. Leave benefit is per incident and must be taken within 3 months. Sick leave may also be used for this purpose within the same period.

Subsidized employee parking is available.

Executive Travel Assistance
Free medical or security assistance is available for employees and their families who are traveling for business or pleasure.


Pay Days

Employees are paid on the 15th and last day of each month. If a payday occurs on a weekend or holiday, FNIH pays on the preceding business day.

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