GeneConvene Global Collaborative Donation Form

Now more than ever, there is an urgent need to deploy new strategies and tools to address enduring and emerging public health crises. A new awareness of the global reach of infectious diseases is a stark reminder that when millions of people suffer from illnesses in one part of the world, we are all affected. For over a decade, the FNIH has partnered with world leaders, regulators and agency officials to tackle public health challenges such as tuberculosis, maternal mortality and malaria.

GeneConvene Global Collaborative is a promising new initiative contributing to deepening our understanding of potentially transformative tools for public health goals such as malaria elimination. Designed as a collaborative approach driven by the needs identified by countries and local governments, GeneConvene is a neutral body managing high-level coordination among stakeholders and organizing a centralized response to anticipated challenges of evaluating these new technologies. 

Gifts to support GeneConvene will be used for innovative efforts to eliminate malaria and other vector-borne diseases by delivering educational and capacity strengthening activities; promoting coordination, information sharing and planning; and creating and maintaining a central resource for access to accurate and timely technical, policy and regulatory information. It is only by working together as a global community can we tackle the public health challenges that touch us all. 

For more information on how to support GeneConvene, please email Development at