Research Programs

The FNIH develops, raises funds and manages collaborative initiatives to support groundbreaking biomedical research. 

We engage multiple stakeholders—pharmaceutical and biotech companies, NIH science and policy experts, FDA regulators, university researchers, patient advocacy organizations and individual philanthropists—for a common goal. Working together, we share the risk and the reward of this often complex and costly work.  Together, we advance research for discovery, diagnosis, treatment and, ultimately, cures. 

The FNIH supports programs in priority areas as diverse as traumatic brain injury, lung cancer, arthritis and Ebola. We currently seek partners and support for the following research programs:

Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative 3 (ADNI 3)

Biomarkers Consortium

Biomarkers Consortium Projects:

Ebola Social Mobilization

Sports and Health Research Program

Click here for a a complete listing of our current research programs.

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