Education and Training Programs

“The future promises remarkable advances in biomedical research. To attain that goal, we need broad, transformative training for clinician scientists.  It is time to invest boldly in new ways of learning so that the next generation of innovative thinkers can open new frontiers in knowledge and transform medicine.”
Francis Collins, M.D., Ph.D.
NIH Director

New technologies play an increasingly vital role in advancing human health—but real progress is impossible without a new generation of capable and curious researchers.

The education and training programs the FNIH supports target a wide array of topics and education levels, making the world-class methods and resources of the NIH available to students and researchers all over the world. 

We currently seek partners and supporters for the following education and training programs:

NIH Medical Research Scholars Program

Traveling Exhibit: Genome: Unlocking Life’s Code

Dean R. O’Neill Renal Cell Cancer Research Fund

Click here here for a complete listing of our current education and training programs.

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