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Read What Our Donors and Grateful Patients of the NIH Have To Say!

Romit Bhattacharya, NIH Grateful Patient“It is now clear to me that the approach at NIH is to offer not only the highest level of medical care, but also promote well being through positive attitude, kindness and compassion at every juncture and help establish daily communication with care givers that genuinely care. We need to make sure the curiosity and the drive to seek solutions never abates due to a lack of funding or worse, apathy.”
— Romit Bhattacharya, NIH Grateful Patient

Paula and Bill Bradley, FNIH Donor“Our brother received the best care possible at the NIH Clinical Center. The Foundation for the National Institutes of Health makes it possible for us to directly fund the NIH lymphoma research in appreciation for his care and so that others may benefit. Being able to do this means a lot to us.”
— Paula and Bill Bradley, FNIH Donor


Laura Curtin Hazzard, FNIH Donor“NIH is truly a premier medical research organization. The FNIH makes it possible for me to invest in and be part of the cutting-edge NIH science and discovery. FNIH’s professionalism, sophistication and focus on mission is evident, and I am proud to contribute to such an essential organization. I have been giving to the FNIH for several years and would encourage others who care about NIH and public health to do the same!” 
— Laura Curtin Hazzard, FNIH Donor

Julie Gattini, FNIH Donor“Once the Edmond J. Safra Family Lodge accepted me, all our concerns were alleviated.  We felt blessed and it was such a relief for him and me.  Now we could concentrate on his surgery and recovery..”
— Julie Gattini, FNIH Donor


Doug and Julie Lindsay, FNIH Donors“The NIH is a national treasure and people need to learn more about NIH and what it is – it is not just a bunch of researchers walking around in hazmat suits with petri dishes. They are passionate about discovering treatments and solutions to the greatest health problems of our time and applying their best thoughts to patients who may not have any other hope. We heard throughout Doug’s treatment that he ‘didn’t fit any mold,’ but that is where the team at NIH excels. They truly cared about Doug.” 
— Julie Lindsay, FNIH Donor


Doug and Julie Lindsay, FNIH Donors“The largest cancer research center in the world is at NIH with the greatest minds researching cancer, I could not imagine going anywhere else.” 
— Bonnie Morris, NIH Grateful Patient


Susan Wall, FNIH Donor“I see my legacy gift to the FNIH as a way to make a contribution that I know will have a lasting impact. I cannot think of a better way to help people around the world.” 
— Susan Wall, FNIH Donor


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