Grants and Contracts Officer


The Grants and Contracts Officer will be tasked with the preparation, drafting and review of several types of contractual agreements. S/he should have a strong customer service orientation and writing ability. S/he will report to the Director of Operations but will serve the contracting needs of colleagues across the Foundation.


Contract Formation and Administration

  • Prepare and draft the terms and conditions of contractual agreements such as grant agreements, general service contracts, donor agreements and memoranda of understanding with the NIH. This will require a good understanding of the Foundation’s policies and contractual stances and an ability to analyze terms proposed by counterparties.
  • Work with colleagues in a timely manner to develop a project’s overall contractual structure so that the full suite of potential agreements and obligations is laid out and well understood.
  • Facilitate the life cycle of grants and contracts including but not limited to the execution and delivery of grants and contracts, reporting and close out of the agreements as obligations are fulfilled and/or agreements are terminated.
  • As appropriate, help track Foundation and counterparty compliance with, and reporting on, existing agreements.

Process Improvements and Other

  • Works with the Operations Department to improve processes and procedures including refinements to templates; Help optimize technology to better collaborate with colleagues.
  • Develop checklists/protocols for analyzing instruments drafted by counterparties and format templates into a consistent form.
  • Provide excellent customer service to project/business owners at all levels of the organization. Be responsive, efficient and friendly with counterparties.
  • Perform additional duties as required.


  • A Bachelor’s degree is essential.
  • 2-3 years of professional experience in a relevant field such as contracting, procurement or legal services.  
  • Ability to analyze legal, risk and business factors and explain them clearly to business owners and project managers. Discretion and tact are important.
  • S/he must be a team player and contribute positively to the team and organization’s dynamic. The position requires resilience and the flexibility to adapt to changing conditions. S/he must possess excellent writing, editing, analytical and oral communication skills along with an ability to distill complex contracting concepts into understandable language.
  • Knowledge of basic computer programs (e.g., Microsoft Office) is required. An understanding of MicroEdge Gifts or other grants databases would be desirable but is not required. Familiarity with the biomedical research world may also be helpful.


Please send an email to [email protected] with “G&COWS” in the subject line. Include your cover letter, resume and salary requirements.

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