2017 National Research Summit on Dementia Care: Building Evidence for Services and Supports


The National Research Summit on Care, Services, and Supports for Persons with Dementia and Their Caregivers is a two-day meeting sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health through private sector support. The summit took place at the National Institutes of Health’s William H. Natcher Building (Building #45) on October 16-17, 2017, in Bethesda, MD. The goal of this Research summit was to identify what we know and what we need to know in order to accelerate the development, evaluation, translation, implementation, and scaling up of comprehensive care, services, and supports for persons with dementia, families, and other caregivers. The summit was focused on Research that is needed to improve quality of care and outcomes across care settings, including quality of life and the lived experience of persons with dementia and their caregivers.

 Summit Agenda 



  • Improve the quality of care and support provided to persons with dementia and their caregivers.
  • Accelerate the development, evaluation, translation, implementation and scaling up of evidence-based and evidence-informed services for individuals with dementia, their family and caregivers.
  • Understand and ameliorate the current disparity in available resources for people with dementia and their families.


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