2019 NIH GSIG Geroscience Summit


By 2050, approximately one-quarter of the world’s population will be over 60 years of age. While people are living longer, aging still results in a gradual decrease in physical and mental capacity and a growing risk of disease. Geroscience Research seeks to understand how aging enables diseases and to use that knowledge to slow the rate of aging, reverse its effects and delay/cure age-related diseases. To better assess the impact of aging, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) created the Trans-NIH Geroscience Interest Group (GSIG), a collaboration among 20 of the 27 NIH Institutes and Centers, focused on chronic diseases of the elderly. The goal is to promote discoveries on the common risks and mechanisms behind such diseases, examine major cross-cutting areas of Research and propose approaches that identify hurdles and envision solutions to age-related diseases.

The NIH GSIG is convening a 2019 Geroscience Summit, to be held November 4-5, 2019 on the NIH campus in Bethesda, Maryland. The 2019 NIH Geroscience Summit will bring together leading Researchers, innovators and public advocates from academia, industry, the non-profit sector and NIH. The program will introduce major concepts of geroscience and discuss how basic Research into the biology of aging has led to the identification of biochemical pathways and cell biological changes that contribute to aging and age-related chronic disease. There will also be a panel discussion on the importance of partnerships to develop potential opportunities for advancing Research on chronic diseases that incorporate principles of geroscience.


  • Ensure that participants are aware of the potential role of aging biology as a major risk factor in the etiology of the age-related disease of their focus, and the potential benefits of geroscience approaches for prevention and/or treatment of those diseases;  
  • Identify ways in which advocacy groups and Research societies or foundations can incorporate age and aging into their portfolios and outreach activities
  • Survey the current status of industry and biotech efforts related to geroscience.



Public-Sector Partners:

  • National Institute on Aging (NIA)
  • Trans-National Institutes of Health Geroscience Interest Group

Private-Sector Partners:

  • Alliance for Aging Research*
  • Alkahest*
  • American Federation for Aging Research*
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology*
  • The Glenn Foundation for Medical Research*
  • Regeneron Pharmaceuticals*
  • The Shiley Foundation*

*Provided financial or in-kind support for this program.

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