Accelerating Medicines Partnership® Heart Failure (AMP® HF) Toolkit

Thank you for your partnership in the newly announced Accelerating Medicines Partnership® Heart Failure project. This public-private partnership will investigate the syndrome of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF).

The project will be publicly announced at 9 am ET on September 29, 2022. Please do not share content about the initiative on social media or other channels until that time.

An accompanying publication in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery will be released around 10 am ET on September 29, 2022 and provide more detail on the project design. NHLBI has also created a short video that can be shared as well.  We recommend the following approach for posting:

  • Thursday, 9/29:  post with link to press release
  • Friday, 9/30:  post with link to NRDD publication
  • Tuesday, 10/4:  post with link to NHLBI video

This social media toolkit provides suggested pre-scripted social media posts that your organization can leverage as appropriate to promote the project launch on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. A social media graphic is also provided for use on these channels.

Please customize your posts as you see fit, using one of the three provided hyperlinks within your posts, as well as any of the following hashtags:

#AMPHF  #WorldHeartDay  #HFPEF  #precisiontherapies  #heartfailure  #biomarkers  #publicprivatepartnerships #cardiovasculardiseases  #FNIH  #NHLBI

Please follow the FNIH online on the following social channels and look for the promotion of AMP HF. Feel free to share, like and comment on the posts. 

  • Twitter: @FNIH_Org
  • Facebook:
  • LinkedIn:

Social Media Posts

The linked social media posts feature recommended text, images and links to support the Accelerating Medicines Partnership Heart Failure project's launch. Please feel free to edit the language as appropriate. 

Social Media Graphics

AMPHF Horizontal
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ACCELERATING MEDICINES PARTNERSHIP and AMP are registered service marks of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.