The Clinical Trial Capacity Working Group (CTCWG) was charged with developing an inventory of clinical trial networks, including trial sites drawn from networks assembled by NIH Institutes and Centers and by CROs, that could serve as potential settings in which to implement effective COVID-19 clinical trials.

CTCWG focused on:

  • Identifying data from different populations and disease stages
  • Leveraging infrastructure and expertise from across NIH and non-NIH networks and clinical research organizations
  • Establishing a coordinated mechanism across networks to expedite trials
  • Tracking incidence across sites and projecting future capacity
  • 54

    networks evaluated

  • 647

    sites evaluated

  • 35

    CROs/SMOs evaluated

  • 80+

    novel and scalable enhancements/efficiencies identified for therapeutics clinical protocols, monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) protocols and vaccine protocols


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