The Therapeutics Clinical Working Group (TCWG) was charged with prioritizing therapeutic agents for testing within an adaptive master protocol strategy that will be jointly designed by the partnership and quickly launched in networks identified by the Clinical Trial Capacity Working Group

TCWG focused on:

  • Establishing a steering committee with relevant expertise to set criteria for and rank potential candidates submitted by industry partners for testing
  • Developing a complete inventory of potential candidates with different mechanisms of action and acceptable safety profiles
  • Designing, launching and openly sharing master protocols with agreed-upon endpoints, sampling and analysis for evaluating candidates
  • Using novel trial designs that incorporated single control arms to enhance trial efficiency and increase enrollment and diversity of participants
  • 11

    master protocols launched since June 2020

  • 24,000+

    participants enrolled

  • 620+

    sites in partnership with multiple networks

  • 53

    Scientific Publications on ACTIV trials

  • 1,600+

    citations in scientific publications (Google Scholar)

  • 800+

    total agents reviewed by ACTIV Tx-Clinical and CONNECTS WGs Agent Review Panels

  • 34

    agents and combinations fully enrolled and completed testing

  • 6

    agents proven efficacious against COVID-19


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