Our mission is to improve understanding of disease pathways, facilitate better selection of targets for treatment and identify platforms and processes to accelerate new and effective therapies to patients.

The FNIH manages the Accelerating Medicines Partnership® (AMP®) program with the interests of the collective scientific and medical research communities in mind. All AMP projects operate under the broad principle of delivering pre-competitive advancements to the research and medical fields and enabling the broadest possible access and use of AMP research discoveries. A critical component of each public-private partnership in the AMP program is an agreement among partners to make data and analyses arising from the collaboration publicly accessible to benefit the broader biomedical community. Individual AMP projects frequently establish public portals to rapidly disseminate data from their research efforts, and AMP-funded publications are required to be made available publicly within specific timeframes.

At the center of the AMP program is a common goal of accelerating new and effective therapies to patients. AMP projects work towards this goal by identifying clinically relevant disease targets, improving identification of patients most likely to respond to a particular treatment, and safely reducing the development timelines for life-saving therapies and improvements in patient outcomes.

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