The goal of ACTIV is to develop a research strategy for prioritizing and speeding development of the most promising COVID-19 vaccines and treatments.


The Therapeutics Clinical Working Group is focused on:

  • Establishing a steering committee with relevant expertise to set criteria for and rank potential candidates submitted by industry partners for testing
  • Developing a complete inventory of potential candidates with different mechanisms of action and acceptable safety profiles
  • Designing, launching and openly sharing master protocols with agreed-upon endpoints, sampling and analysis for evaluating candidates
  • Using a single control arm to enhance trial efficiency
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Clinical Trials for...
- Adult patients who are not hospitalized
- Adults who have been exposed to COVID-19 but have not developed the disease
- Adult hospitalized patients
- And more...
Clinical Trial Protocols
ACTIV-1 clinical trial protocol
ACTIV-2 clinical trial protocol
ACTIV- 3 clinical trial protocol
ACTIV- 3b clinical trial protocol
ACTIV- 4a clinical trial protocol
ACTIV- 4b clinical trial protocol
ACTIV- 4c clinical trial protocol
ACTIV- 5 clinical trial protocol
ACTIV-6 clinical trial protocol