All of Us Research Program

All of Us Research Program – Working Together to Diversify the Biomedical Research Workforce

The FNIH is aligned with our colleagues at the NIH in efforts to improve diversity in the biomedical research workforce through training opportunities using the All of Us Research Program database as a foundational platform. This initiative seeks to equip students and researchers at Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) with the tools, skills, and knowledge to navigate and utilize one of the largest and most important biomedical databases in the world.

All of Us

The goal of this initiative is to position more diverse researchers and learners to contribute broadly to the biomedical research ecosystem and to empower them with the computational and statistical skills that have become a necessity in current biomedical research. 

The FNIH is currently seeking funding partners to support this initiative. 

FNIH Contact

  • Aimee Ahmed, Director, Strategic Alliances and Advancement,