Our mission is to help diversify the biomedical research workforce

Our Mission Is To Help Diversify The Biomedical Research Workforce.

A diverse workforce is a necessity in building the next generation of biomedical researchers and advancing health on a global level. This is the key to excellent science that brings forward valuable perspectives that advance science and human health. Despite this fact, there are multiple barriers that stand in the way of cultivating and nurturing scientists from under-represented minority groups in biomedical research.

In connection with the All of Us Research Program at NIH, the FNIH is working to increase diversity in the biomedical research workforce by providing training opportunities using the All of Us Research Hub as a foundational platform. The All of Us Scholars Program will leverage data resources to train diverse researchers in the biomedical research space, ensuring that the workforce reflects the rich diversity of our country.

The Five Priority Research Audiences
  • K-12 Audiences including teachers

  • Undergraduate, graduate, and medical students

  • Post-doctoral students and early-stage investors

  • Established investigators

  • Community and citizen scientist


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