Biomarkers Consortium Programs

The identification of new biomarkers is an increasingly essential element of predictive, preventive and personalized medicine. To meet this need, The Biomarkers Consortium projects serve to develop promising biomarkers in order to help accelerate the delivery of successful new technologies, medicines and therapies for prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Accelerating development of treatments for osteoporosis and other bone diseases
Enhancing the power of immune therapies to effectively treat diverse patients and cancer types
Predicting beta cell dysfunction in diabetic patients for earlier diagnosis and better treatment This project completed in December 2018.
The Sarcopenia 1 project launched in 2010 and aimed to establish the first evidence-based definition of sarcopenia (muscle weakness), which is still not recognized as a medical condition.
Build the case for FDA incorporation of FDG-PET into outcome measures for lung cancer and lymphoma.