Biomarkers Consortium Programs

The identification of new biomarkers is an increasingly essential element of predictive, preventive and personalized medicine. To meet this need, The Biomarkers Consortium projects serve to develop promising biomarkers in order to help accelerate the delivery of successful new technologies, medicines and therapies for prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Supporting drug development and protecting patients against drug-induced acute kidney injury by developing tools to monitor kidney function during early-stage clinical trials  
Aligning diverse stakeholders within cancer research to accelerate progress  
Establishing standards to accelerate the progress of research against cancer
Validating new methods of MRD detection and quantification as a measure of response and trial endpoints in AML
Identifying and treating older adults at increased risk of developing physical disabilities
Accelerating treatments for rheumatoid arthritis and preventing people with the disease from also developing cardiovascular disease
Improving cancer treatments by developing better measures of disease progression and treatment response  
Revolutionizing the ability to diagnose, monitor and treat metabolic liver disease