CarMollNat Muscular Dystrophy Fund

“In memorium for my parents, Molly Harris and Nathan Harris, and my brother, Merton Harris- They were so much to so many.”
– Carol-Ann Harris

Carol-Ann Harris has established the CarMollNat Muscular Dystrophy Fund in memory of her beloved family members. The Fund is committed to support Research and science for the major forms of Muscular Dystrophy (MD) and neurogenetic disease.

Research is to be led by the Neurogenetics Branch of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke with collaboration via other agents and agencies. There are nine major types of Muscular Dystrophy that affect 50,000 Americans and many more world-wide.

Please join Carol-Ann in the battle against MD and neurogenetic disease. You may click below to contribute to the fund.

Muscular dystrophyA physical therapist helps a boy with muscular dystrophy exercise.

FNIH Contact

To learn more about the fund and how you can help, please contact the Advancement Office at [email protected].

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