Comprehensive Cellular Vaccine Immune Monitoring Consortium

The Problem
The development of a safe and broadly effective vaccine against HIV/AIDS has been elusive and, despite decades of effort, even the immunological responses that may lead to protective immunity remain largely undefined.

The Solution
This program will provide standardized and reproducible immunological measurements from clinical and pre-clinical trials and share assay data to elucidate correlates of protection and inform HIV vaccine design strategies.


The Comprehensive Cellular Vaccine Immune Monitoring Consortium (CCVIMC) provides centralized resources to the Collaboration for AIDS Vaccine Discovery (CAVD), for the development and licensure of a safe and broadly effective vaccine to HIV. The CCVIMC convenes leading scientists to develop, optimize and standardize cellular-immune assays for use in evaluating vaccine platforms being developed within the CAVD. Initiated in 2006, the current five-year grant focuses on expanding the consortium’s cellular immune monitoring capabilities by applying cutting-edge technologies to encompass the assessment of both T and B cell immune responses. Beyond providing exploratory, qualified and standardized cellular assays, the CCVMC also consults with vaccine-discovery laboratories to assist them in designing pre-clinical and clinical trials and provides systems biology analysis to their trial data. Scientific leadership is provided by the consortium’s Principal Investigator (PI), Richard Koup (NIAID), and administration and management of the program is directed by the FNIH.

Results & Accomplishments

Now in its fourth five-year grant period, the new CCVIMC 2.0 iteration will continue to evaluate cellular immune responses induced by vaccines in hopes of identifying immune correlates associated with robust and durable immunity. The entire operation is administratively overseen by the FNIH, and scientifically directed by the consortium PI, Richard Koup (VRC/NIAID) with the help of scientific project management provided by the FNIH. Visit CAVD.

Supporting AIDS Vaccine Development

The Comprehensive Cellular Vaccine Immune Monitoring Consortium has been providing high-quality cellular immune monitoring to the Collaboration for AIDS Vaccine Development (CAVD) for more than 14 years.

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The CCVIMC program has been extended.
The program’s fourth grant from the Gates Foundation covers July 2021 through June 2026.


  • Duke University
  • Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
  • National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases


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