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A Gambiae
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WHO Mosquito Cropped 2
WHO and GeneConvene issue updated guidance for research on genetically modified mosquitoes to fight malaria and other diseases
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Unsettled Ethical Issues in Gene Drive Research – Virtual Panel

Presented by Gene Drive Research Forum in collaboration with McMaster University

Second Tuesdays
July – November, 2021

The Gene Drive Research Forum

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Join the Discussion on Unsettled Ethical Issues

Gene Drive Research Forum presents Unsettled Ethical Issues in Gene Drive Research, a virtual series of five discussions on the 2nd Tuesdays July-Nov
Why is this interesting?

Explore and juxtapose various ethics perspectives and their relation to the emerging gene editing technologies collectively known as gene drive
What are the topics?
• Moral differences—natural vs synthetic
• Equity and justice
• Nature and scope of responsibilities
• Principles and principled action
• Exceptionalism