Lurie Prize in Biomedical Sciences

About the Lurie Prize

Now in its tenth year, the Lurie Prize in Biomedical Sciences recognizes outstanding achievement by promising scientists aged 52 or younger. This year the prize includes a $50,000 honorarium for each awardee, made possible by a donation to the FNIH by philanthropist Ann Lurie, President of the Ann and Robert H. Lurie Foundation and President of Lurie Holdings, Inc.

2022 Lurie Prize in Biomedical Sciences winners were Anne Brunet, Ph.D., and Andrew Dillin, Ph.D.

Anne BrunetDr. Anne Brunet, the Michele and Timothy Barakett Professor of Genetics at Stanford University, has employed a unique multi-organismal approach to investigate the ability of enzymes to regulate genes implicated in aging and has identified genes and pathways critical for maintaining neural stem cells that may help preserve brain function during aging.  Andrew DillinDr. Andrew Dillin, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator and the Thomas and Stacey Siebel Distinguished Chair in Stem Cell Research at the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California, Berkeley, has explored the ability of organisms to sustain proper protein production processes essential to maintaining cellular structure and function in aging.

The 2022 Lurie Prize in Biomedical Sciences winners were recognized at the 10th Annual FNIH Awards Ceremony which celebrates scientific excellence and partnership. The program highlighted the importance of innovation and collaboration to foster breakthrough biomedical discoveries. 

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Former Prize Recipients

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Former Lurie Prize winners

New York Academy of Sciences Expert Talk

Starting in 2018, the New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS) has partnered with the FNIH to create an Expert Talk by the Lurie Prize winners for high school students in the NYAS Junior Academy. In this talk, the Lurie Prize winners tell stories and experiences about becoming a scientist, who their mentors were, why purusing a career in STEM is vital to today's world as well as talk about their research.

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2014 Lurie Prize Recipient
Jennifer A. Doudna, Ph.D.

2018 Lurie Prize Recipient
James Chen, Ph.D.

2020 Lurie Prize Recipient
Aviv Regev, Ph.D.



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