For over a decade, the FNIH has been recognizing and elevating the work of exceptional early-career scientists at this annual event through the prestigious Lurie Prize in Biomedical Sciences and the Trailblazer Prize for Clinician-Scientists. Our unique ability to convene the best and the brightest to form innovative and impactful public-private partnerships is highlighted by the Charles A. Sanders, M.D. Partnership Award, presented to an organization or individual who has exemplified steadfast commitment to our mission.

This year’s event will feature philanthropists, NIH leadership, our partners from industry, scientists, academia, thought leaders and key stakeholders to celebrate scientific achievement and collaboration.

For more information, we invite you read more about these prizes and awards, including past recipients, here: Lurie Prize in Biomedical Sciences, the Charles A. Sanders, M.D., Partnership Award, and the FNIH Trailblazer Prize for Clinician-Scientists.If you’re interested in supporting the 2024 FNIH Awards Ceremony, please contact [email protected].

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2023 Event Highlights

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2023 Lurie Prize Awardees

The FNIH proudly names Navdeep S. Chandel, PhD, and Vamsi Mootha, MD, recipients of the 2023 Lurie Prize in Biomedical Sciences for their groundbreaking research in mitochondrial science.


2023 Charles A. Sanders, MD, Partnership Award

The FNIH has named the National Institute of Health’s Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, GSK, and the O’Neill family as recipients of the 2023 Charles A. Sanders, MD, Partnership Award for their significant contributions to the FNIH’s work to build, implement, and nurture public-private partnerships in support of the mission of the National Institutes of Health.

2023 Trailblazer Prize for
Clinician-Scientists Awardee

The FNIH has named Vinod Balachandran, MD, at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, recipient of the 2023 Trailblazer Prize for Clinician-Scientists for his groundbreaking research on new immunotherapies for pancreatic cancer.


2014 Lurie Prize Recipient
Jennifer A. Doudna, Ph.D.

2018 Lurie Prize Recipient
James Chen, Ph.D.

2020 Lurie Prize Recipient
Aviv Regev, Ph.D.