The Charles A. Sanders Legacy Fund: Honoring Decades of Inspired Leadership, Supporting Novel, Transformative Science



Honoring Decades of Inspired Leadership

The Charles A. Sanders Legacy Fund was established by the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH) as an impactful way to honor Dr. Sanders for his decades of tireless dedication to improving health, access to medical care and furthering biomedical Research around the world.

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Charles A. Sanders Legacy Fund

One Of Three Children In An Extraordinary Family

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Born in Dallas, Texas in 1932, Dr. Sanders (seated at right) predicted his future during an 8th grade class assignment by writing that he would become a successful physician whose greatest accomplishment would be “rendering service to humanity.” His father’s role in forming the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center served as his inspiration.

General Director (CEO) OF Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)

doctor check blood preasureAs top administrator at one of the nation’s most respected hospitals, Dr. Sanders grew the MGH catheterization lab into a free-standing unit where heart treatment cases soared from 100 per year to 1,000. He oversaw construction of the Wang Center for ambulatory care, established the Institute Health for Professions providing national accreditation to nurses and other professionals and brokered a groundbreaking $70M collaboration between MGH and Hoechst AG to design new powers of molecular biology Research.

Supporting Novel, Transformative Science

The Charles A. Sanders Legacy Fund will provide the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH) with the flexibility to incubate new ideas and attract new funding for creative biomedical Research projects and transformative scientific initiatives. This honors Dr. Sanders’ legacy of building the FNIH into the trusted, valuable resource it is today.

Grand Challenges in Global Health

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A $200M initiative established by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the FNIH tackled major global health threats by supporting the Research of scientists in more than 33 countries.


Biomarkers Consortium Programs


The FNIH endeavors to discover, develop, and seek regulatory approval for biological markers to support new drug development, preventative medicine, and medical diagnostics. The consortium is helping to create a new era of precision medicine.



  • Martin J. Murphy, DMedSc, Ph.D., FASCO


  • Herbert W. Boyer, Ph.D.
  • Franz B. Humer, Ph.D.
  • Robert A. Ingram
  • William L. Roper, M.D., MPH
  • Stephen H. Rusckowski
  • Christopher A. Viehbacher


  • Senator Michael F. Bennet
  • Senator Richard M. Burr
  • Victor J. Dzau, M.D.
  • Art Pappas
  • Elias A. Zerhouni, M.D.

On November 19, the FNIH hosted a reception in North Carolina to honor Dr. Sanders and kick off the Charles A. Sanders Legacy Fund campaign.


To view all of the photos from this event, please visit the FNIH Flickr site.

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