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Building bridges to medical breakthroughs.

Science has the power to cure, but no single organization can do it alone. In partnership with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), our philanthropic supporters, and patients, the FNIH connects the largest biomedical research agency and leaders in industry and academic medicine to accelerate medical breakthroughs for patients, regardless of who they are, where they live or what disease they have. For the FNIH, no health challenge is too great. Together with the best minds and a track record of navigating complex problems for more than 25 years, the FNIH builds bridges to medical breakthroughs because we want all people to have the opportunity to live longer, healthier lives.

With our Congressionally chartered mandate to support the mission of the NIH, we: Accelerate new therapies, diagnostics, and potential cures. Advance global health and seek equity in care. Power science by celebrating and training the next generation of scientists. Equity is embedded throughout everything we do: engaging patients in research; including diversity in representation and thought; driving inclusion and accessibility.

Why Partner with the FNIH?
  • Focus on complex health challenges and solutions

  • Convene top global talent

  • Collaborate across disciplinary, institutional, geographical boundaries

  • Alliances based on the free exchange of intellectual ideas, materials and data

  • Ambitious ideas enabled through rigorous review, coordination and implementation

  • Support the next generation of scientific leaders


FNIH has been absolutely central and fundamental to all of these progresses that we want to see happen in biomedical research.”

Francis Collins, MD, PhD, Former Director, NIH

The discoveries that happen through FNIH effect the health of everyone in the world.”

Rob Califf, FDA Commissioner

At FNIH we build bridges to breakthroughs by forging teams of the very best scientist at NIH, in academia, and across the biopharmaceutical ecosystem.”

Julie Gerberding, President and Chief Executive Officer, FNIH

Why Support the FNIH?

Cancer. Alzheimer’s disease. COVID-19. These are some of the greatest challenges of our time, affecting our health, our loved ones, our nation’s economy, and our global security. Today’s urgent biomedical problems require an all-hands-on-deck approach. Individual donors and public and private organizations that are deeply committed to better global health all play a critical role in this process.

When you partner with the FNIH, you become a vital member in tackling disease by accelerating new therapies, diagnostics, and potential cures. Your partnership will help us advance global health and encourage equity in care. Through partnership, we can move science forward by celebrating and training the next generation of talented scientists.

For NIH staff: How NIH can request support from the FNIH

NIH staff and contractors who would like to request the FNIH’s assistance in securing resources or managing a program or special event should contact the NIH Office of Science Policy (OSP) within the Office of the Director, NIH, which serves as a central clearinghouse for engaging the FNIH. The Office of the Director’s NIH-FNIH Steering Committee reviews all such requests on behalf of the NIH and those that receive the Committee’s approval are forwarded to the FNIH. The FNIH then undertakes a due diligence process including an assessment of the project’s interest to potential donors. The FNIH’s Board of Directors through its Portfolio Oversight Committee is ultimately responsible for authorizing new NIH-FNIH collaborations.

To begin the process, NIH representatives should contact Dr. Tyrone Spady, Director, Science Policy Coordination, Collaboration, and Reporting Division. For events, please review the NIH Food Policy for NIH-FNIH Partnerships before submitting an inquiry.

For more information, contact [email protected]

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