CNS Provides Support to the Foundation for the NIH for a $200,000 Neurosurgical NINDS/CNS Getch Scholar Award

CNS Provides Support to the Foundation for the NIH for a $200,000 Neurosurgical NINDS/CNS Getch Scholar Award

SCHAUMBURG, Ill, Aug. 10, 2015 — The Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS), with the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH), today announced that the CNS will contribute $200,000 in funding to an ongoing NINDS national career development program to support an additional early career neurosurgeon, competitively selected as the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke—Congress of Neurological Surgeons Getch Scholar (NINDS/CNS Getch Scholar).

The NINDS national program, with which the CNS has now partnered, provides two years of funding to help launch a dual, clinical-research career for neurosurgeons who possesses unique clinical and research skills that identify them as the next generation of neurosurgical leaders. “NINDS looks forward to working with the CNS to support neurosurgeons who are driven to bring their unique clinical and scientific skillset to bear on the terribly disabling disorders of the nervous system,” said NINDS Director, Walter Koroshetz, MD. 

Partially named in honor of the late Christopher C. Getch, MD, a past CNS president, the goal of the NINDS/CNS Getch Scholar award is to increase the number of neurosurgeon-scientists trained to conduct research into neurological disorders. The NINDS/CNS Getch Scholar will be provided with funding that promotes high quality, novel, creative research, and innovative investigation.

The award is open to all neurosurgeons who are US citizens or permanent residents, who are within one to two years following their academic training, and who have begun, or will shortly begin, a faculty position at a US academic medical center. The NINDS/CNS Getch Scholar may use the award to launch a faculty career at his or her residency institution, or to begin a faculty clinical/research career at a new institution. The mentored training associated with this award will prepare the recipient to combine an outstanding research career with a clinical neurosurgery career and advance the understanding and treatment of neurological disorders. 

“The CNS recognizes that neurosurgeon-scientists will play a critical role in developing new treatments for neurological disease,” said Dr. Ganesh Rao, CNS treasurer, and member of the CNS team instrumental in bringing this project to fruition. “We are proud to support promising investigators in the early stages of their careers, particularly when extramural funding is difficult to come by. This unprecedented partnership with the FNIH underscores the commitment of the CNS to education.”

“The FNIH finds tremendous value in supporting up-and-coming researchers,” said FNIH President and Executive Director, Maria C. Freire, PhD. “The training and mentorship offered through this scholarship is essential to advancing the field of clinical neurosurgery.”

The FNIH and NINDS will begin accepting applications for the first NINDS/CNS Getch Scholar Award on October 1, 2015, with support starting in 2016. Please visit for more information about the award.  


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