Biomarkers Consortium

FNIH Biomarkers Consortium


FNIH Biomarkers Consortium RFP

Investigators are invited to submit proposals for novel biomarker platforms to support the mission of the Cancer Steering Committee High Content Data Integration Working Group.

FNIH Biomarkers Consortium Plasma Abeta

The project will be the first study to directly compare multiple tests that track the buildup of beta amyloid, a protein in the brain that is associated with Alzheimer's disease.

FNIH Biomarkers Consortium

The Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics publication describes how the Biomarkers Consortium works, highlights its accomplishments and explains its strategic expansion.


The Biomarkers Consortium is a public-private biomedical research partnership managed by the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH) that endeavors to discover, develop and seek regulatory approval for biological markers (biomarkers) to support new drug development, preventative medicine and medical diagnostics.


The Biomarkers Consortium is helping create a new era of precision medicine, with more highly predictive markers that have an impact during a patient's illness or lifespan. Its goal is to combine the forces of the public and private sectors to accelerate the development of biomarker-based technologies, medicines and therapies for prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease.


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