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The Biomarkers Consortium embraces government, industry, patient advocacy groups and not-for-profit organizations, each of which has a stake in the identification, development and the seeking of regulatory approval for biomarkers. As a group, we are addressing one of the most pressing needs in the diagnosis and treatment of disease: the development and the seeking of regulatory approval for disease biomarkers and surrogates.

The core operations of The Biomarkers Consortium are supported through the contributing membership program. Organizations representing private industry (including the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics and information technology industries) and not-for-profit organizations (including associations, advocacy groups, trade organizations and philanthropic organizations) that wish to support biomarker development are eligible to become contributing members.

All public- and private-sector partners are involved in consortium governance and contribute their scientific and technical expertise as advisors to the effort. In addition, public partners—NIH, FDA, CMS and other federal agencies—may contribute financial resources and manage the conduct of projects under The Biomarkers Consortium. Members pay annual dues to participate in this unique collaborative effort and receive cross-sector interaction.

Become part of the public-private partnership that is prioritizing biomarkers of most critical need. Founding members include the FNIH (our managing organization), National Institutes of Health, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America.

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