Mission, Vision and Core Values


To support coordination among stakeholders that enables the development and dissemination of scientifically rigorous information, consensus best practices guidance and standards, and administrative, regulatory and technical advice and training that will advance responsible research, development and, if warranted, implementation of genetic biocontrol technologies to eliminate vector borne diseases and improve public health


An environment in which gene drive and other genetic biocontrol technologies for public health can be safely, ethically and rigorously studied, developed, tested, and, if warranted by appropriate decision makers, responsibly implemented at appropriate scale to have positive health impact

Core Values

Public good:

Deemed trustworthy in all plans and actions, and with all stakeholders; serving the public interest; information and output shared broadly as a public resource


Forward-thinking to pave the way as technology advances; prepared for risks to avoid or respond to crises


Openness in plans, actions, decision-making and data


Not advocating on behalf of any stakeholder or product

Scientific rigor:

Supportive of a rigorous scientific process for gene drive development; credible source of evidence-based information on the science for all stakeholders

Consensus building:

Seeks effective partners, supporters and stakeholders; inclusive incorporation of voices from diverse stakeholders to reach consensus

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