Fogarty International Center's 50th Anniversary

The National Institutes of Health (NIH)’s Fogarty International Center celebrated its 50th anniversary of accomplishments and hosted a Scientific Symposium on May 1st, 2018 at the Natcher Auditorium on NIH’s campus. The program convened a series of panel discussions with NIH leaders, Fogarty grantees, and key stakeholders, to identify key gaps in global health research and strategize future research initiatives. Panel discussion topics included:

  • The evolving infections disease agenda
  • Noncommunicable diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease
  • Brain disorders across the lifespan
  • Oher global health research priorities


  • Provide an opportunity for the global health community to generate fresh ideas, cultivate partnerships, and develop novel approaches to seek solutions for critical global health problems.
  • Improve health in developing countries, as well as here in the United States.


Learn about the Fogarty International Center’s Scientific Symposium here.


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